Why it is best to host website in local Australian Web Hosting

    Australian Hosting

    Obviously, you have a choice to select many best web hosting services across the world. You may get many benefits, features, discounts, offers and etc at an affordable cost. When it comes in the term of website performance and local SEO it may affect your website if you are hosting a website outside the country. […]

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    Domain Registration vs Web Hosting – What is the Difference?

    Domain Registration vs Web Hosting – What is the Difference? What is the difference between Domain Registration and Web Hosting? As an internet user, we often hear about new and popular jargon’s. Some of them are Domain Name, Domain Name Registration, Websites, and Web Hosting. We also use these jargon’s in our daily life, but […]

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    Magento 2.3.1 Latest Version Free Download Mar 2019

    Magento Hosting

    Magento releases the latest version of Magento Open Source 2.3.1. The latest version of Magento provides important new tools for both traders and designers. And offers more than 30 core security enhancements. Online merchants liked the improvements added in Admin order workflow. Benefits and Support of Magento 2.3.1 It supports for elasticsearch 6.0 Authorize.Net Direct […]

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    The Best Web Hosting Services for Online Business 2021

    Web hosting Business Online

    The Best Web Hosting Services in Australia 2021 Did you ever dream of a time when everything will revolve around the internet? And, the obvious answer is ‘No.’ If we look around today, it feels as if the world as we know it is changing. The internet has captured our lives. Isn’t it hard for […]

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    10 Reason to Choose Cloud Server for Your Business Website

    Cloud Server

    Why A Growing Online Business Needs A Cloud Server The latest buzzword in the technology space and internet is Cloud Computing. In simple words, it refers to utilizing a shared pool of resources hosted on the internet. In Cloud Technology, the service provider hosts the servers on the internet, and a network of clients or […]

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    How Google’s Latest Update Affects Your Online Business

    Search Enginer Optimisation SEO

    How Google’s Latest Update Affects Your Online Business E-commerce has a wide wingspan, and it is also growing day by day. The internet technology forms the backbone of an online business and search engines play a significant role in its proliferation. Google is one of the most popular and preferred search engines. The innovative nature […]

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    Why SSL Certificates are Important for an SEO

    Why SSL Certificate Important

    Why SSL Certificates are Important? The invention of the internet has transformed the entire online world. Today, it has become tough to imagine our lives without the internet as it plays an essential role in our day-to-day activities. Moreover, this technology is continually evolving. It has made the world a smaller place. We can communicate […]

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    A beginner’s guide to choosing a hosting plan for your business

    A beginner’s guide to choosing a hosting plan for your business In today’s world where competition in business has reached its pinnacle and the internet is playing a huge role in promoting your business. It can be very confusing for someone that is new to this space to understand what you need. In order to […]

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    How do I register my domain name?

    How do I Register Domain Name To get your domain name, the first thing to do is to find the domain extension that is suited to you. Domain extensions can be global (i.e., .com, .org), country specific (i.e., .au, .us) or generic (i.e., .cafe, .blog). It is seen best to combine global or generic extensions […]

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    5 reasons why you should choose WordPress hosting

    best wordpress hosting australia

    5 reasons to choose WordPress hosting It is a common question as to why someone should host their website on WordPress. It is easy to leave aside these contemplation’s, as managed hosting has become the most convenient and easy ways to put up a website online. You don’t have to be technical or an IT […]

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    2 Simple Steps to Register Your Domain Name

    domain name search availability -DataQuest Digital

    2 Simple Steps to Register Your Domain Name Developing your website is an exciting journey. You have a good idea about what you want and have spent time planning and imagining how wonderful it is going to be. However, you need a unique identifier for your website to be able to differentiate it from the […]

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    What to Consider When Choosing an e-Commerce Hosting Provider

    best ecommerce website Hosting - DataQuest Digital

    What to Consider When Choosing an e-Commerce Hosting Provider E-commerce is a booming industry and a great way to make shopping easier for customers. The industry is also very competitive and for the owners of e-commerce domains and websites, customer retention is of primary focus. Surveys have repeatedly proved that customers do not wait for […]

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    Types of Web Hosting Services

    web hosting services australia - DataQuest Digital

    Types of Web Hosting Services For someone who wants to start their own website or an enterprise wanting to host an e-commerce site on the Internet, the best option is to choose a web hosting service. While searching for options on web hosting service providers, some of them may not be familiar to you. There […]

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    All About Windows Web Hosting

    windows hosting - DataQuest Digital

    All About Windows Web Hosting Web Hosting helps you to manage your website in an easy and efficient way. You reduce the hassle of taking care of everything by yourself and you get the bonus of professional assistance at all times. However, it gets quite confusing when you are choosing the server hosting platform for […]

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    cPanel Hosting Benefits & Features

    linux cpanel web hosting - DataQuest Digital

    cPanel Hosting Benefits & Features Many Web Hosts offer a cPanel hosting services on a subscription basis. cPanel hosting has become popular due to its huge benefits and ease of use. Without any great technical background or assistance from a web developer, you can easily manage everything related to your hosting account. Easy to Maintain […]

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