Stocking Stranger Extra Long Detailing Mitt and Stocking



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The Stocking Stranger Extra Long Detailing Mitt and Stocking is the lengthy limited-edition 5-fingered car detailing mitt made of plush microfiber that comes in at a whopping 18” long to help you wash large surface areas fast, easily clean hard to reach areas, dust dry surfaces, and triples as a stocking for the Holidays!


Awesome Stocking Stranger Features:

  • Use it dry to dust surfaces
  • Holds tons of car washing suds
  • Extra-long 18” detailing mitt
  • 5 finger design easily gets in tight cracks and crevices
  • Makes the perfect stocking
  • Comes with a Chemical Guys rubber keychain!
  • Limited edition for the Holidays

You’ve Never Seen One This Long

The Stocking Stranger is our longest detailing mitt, coming in at an impressive 18” length that allows you to wash large areas fast and helps you effortlessly get into those tight cracks and crevices around your car. This plush and lengthy wash mitt goes up your arm, helping you clean wheel wells, grille slats, wheels, and more fast and easy, and helps keep road gunk away from your arm! The extended length detailing mitt means more surface area to wash your ride with, making it perfect for larger cars, trucks, SUVs, RVs, and more, and helps make washing normal to small sized cars quicker! With the Stocking Stranger, cleaning all areas of your car, even the most inconvenient ones, can become a fast, easy, and fun task for everyone!

A Unique and Memorable Stocking

The Stocking Stranger doesn’t just wash your ride with a soft touch, it also makes the perfect stocking for the Holidays! Fill the Stocking Stranger with goodies and hang it from the fireplace and surprise loved ones with the soft and plush gift sure to make them smile. Plus, every Stocking Stranger comes with a free Chemical Guys Rubber Keychain for even more fun under the tree. Attach the keychain to your keys, backpack, purse, luggage, or any other bag to show your passion for shine! Not sure what to stuff the Stocking Stranger with? Get the limited Stocking Stranger Mystery Kit.

5 Finger Action Deep Cleans

The unique design of the individual 5 fingers gives you endless flexibility and versatility around your car, house, and office. Wrap your fingers around any irregular shape from mirrors to bumpers and exhaust pipes, and use the fingers to penetrate grille holes, wheel openings, vents, and more. You can also use it dry to dust car interiors, your home, garage, or that dusty desk at the work office that the janitor always forgets. It’s the 3-in-1 detailing mitt that washes your car, dusts surfaces, and triples as a stocking that everyone needs this holiday season. Just remember to buy two- one to give and one to keep!

  1. Use two buckets: fill one bucket with 5 gallons of water and 1 - 3 oz of Chemical Guys car wash soap and the other with plain water.
  2. Rinse your car, then wash in straight lines with the soapy mitt.
  3. After cleaning a panel or two, dip the dirty mitt in the bucket of plain water to loosen the embedded dirt, then wring it out on the ground.
  4. Return to the soap bucket and continue to wash the whole car.
  5. Rinse away all soap and dirt from the car, then dry with premium microfiber towels.

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